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postheadericon Placing a website on top position on search engine is an art

An artist with pure concentration is creating an art work. Similarly placing a website is an art. This is not easily possible for a person to place a website on top position on major search engine. He has to work more and more time, again he would get setback in his work. Website would fall down, again he has to try and place the website. At times, website would disappear from server too, again he has to find website and keep working to place same site on major search engine. This time, website would not fall down, because he has turned the website not to fall down. This is how a seo worker is working to make a website to place for ranking in major search engine. There are very less major search engines are available, only ten to fifteen major search engines are in use. Other search engines are also in use, but these search engines are following only major search engines. So, once a website is appeared in higher search engine ranking, this is enough for other search engines to follow and rank the same website in top position in their search engines. Higher search engines are having particular keyword to add on websites, if the same keyword is not added on website, it would fall down and worker must add same keyword and send again to top position.

Dedicated server based website, is only moving faster in front position. Other server as proxy is not moving faster on the front. Everyone is spending huge money to purchase dedicated servers. A server is dedicated for some particulars this is the meaning for dedicated servers. So above server is working well with moving faster on search engines.  Owners of websites are selecting only autopilot movers and with proven strategies on website tuning to place a website on top position. There is more advantage for owner once his website is placed on top position. He gets more orders and enquiries for his product or service, in case, a person is doing cleaning service, through website, he gets plenty of orders for cleaning many places. In case, a person is selling electronic product on website gets more orders through his website. For this he should have enough space to have all his enquiries, he has to reply through his website, only this would help buyer to go through the product or service to place order at once. There is a formula is kept for placing a website on top position.


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